Non Alcoholic Beer (NAB) - Consider the option

60% of Spanish beer-buyers purchased non-alcoholic beer in 2013

Responsible drinking practices can break the chain leading to an ABI and other serious health issues by reducing other issues affecting people on that path including loss of family and social connections, loss of employment and your home and risk taking behaviour leading to injury, accidents, further substance abuse and contact with the Justice and Correction systems. 

Australia is out of step with the rest of the world. Strict drink driving laws and improvements in brewing has led to greater - and growing - demand for non-alcoholic beers. For example, in research done by Mintel, 60% of Spanish beer-drinkers purchased non-alcoholic beer in 2013. Spain runs an annual campaign (supported by 16 stakeholders) with a message that if you drink and drive, make it a non-alcoholic beer. Their road toll has fallen to 1961 levels.

arbias has embarked on an important initiative that is following the lead of other countries in driving a new campaign to raise awareness of the existence and now choice of consuming non alcoholic beer. The aim is to provide awareness that you have a real choice when consuming beer to either drink non alcoholic beer only or at least mix your consumption of normal beer with non-alcoholic options and thus safe guard against the risks related to excessive alcohol consumption.

One suggestion is to alternate one normal beer with one non-alcoholic beer and stay safely under .05!!!

For more information contact our National Intake and Response team on 1800 arbias (1800272427) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.