The Deep End arbias rock band have been busy with a live concert at the Darebin Music Feast, an arts festival to support emerging artists and disadvantaged people in the City of Darebin.The music event Deep End Rock Gig: Music from the Heart presented a diverse show of original music by The Deep End together with their take on many classics such as Nina Simone, ACDC and Elvis. The gig was well attended, and many people living in Special Residential Services came along to enjoy the show. In October for Mental Health Week, The Deep End, along with the Marimba Percussion Group, played an afternoon of live music. The mini music festival was co-ordinated by arbias and Hope Springs and hosted by Hope Springs at Heidelberg West Uniting Church. The event included an afternoon BBQ with a gold coin donation.

The band look forward to the One And All Festival in Warrnambool this November. With the support of arbias and The Warrnambool City Council the eight members of the band will travel and stay overnight in Warrnambool before playing at the main event, “A Day on the Civic”. The Festival provides opportunities for participation for people with or without a disability.

This month we are celebrating the first anniversary of arbias in NSW!
We have had an amazing first year and are so grateful to everyone involved in our achievements. It’s a good time to look back at what this year has meant to us and reflect on our accomplishments.
Like all new services, we have had our ups and downs, and of course all the drama that goes along with the establishment of a new venture.

We want to thank the wonderful people we support and importantly the family and partner organizations that have assisted us to bring about fantastic outcomes.
It is very encouraging and rewarding to see people achieve so much through their own strength and determination.

Over the year there have been numerous meetings with other service providers in order to introduce ourselves and help establish our services and what is now a strong reputation in NSW.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team mates in Victoria, our funding body, and our partnership services in NSW for their support and guidance over the past year.

Sam, Jackie, Deb, Inbal and Rebekah.

Some of the measured outcomes of our work in the first year are:

Assessment to date: 65
Referrals: 162
Clients currently directly receiving an arbias service: 26
Partnerships: 8

arbias NSW currently provides the following services:

  • case management
  • occupational therapy
  • psychology
  • neurobehavioral and neuropsychological assessments
  • secondary consultancy
  • other specialized services (eg. Speech therapy)
  • behavior intervention and support
  • training to educate family and services on ABI