Neurobehavioural Assessment

What is a Neurobehavioural Approach?

Each person with an ABI is different with varying level of needs, due to the severity and complexity of their neurological impairments, the impact this has on their activity levels and hence their ability to participate in daily activities.

The neurobehavioural approach is a person-centred approach which helps clients achieve the best of their ability through their community setting. It aims to reduce the needs for supports aiming to make a person more independent by working towards their goals.

In addition to a neurobehavioural assessment, arbias uses the invaluable information obtained from neuropsychological assessment to determine how best to tailor support and intervention to individuals with an ABI. In cases where behaviours of concern are impacting on a person’s or other people’s safety within the community, neuropsychological assessment assists in the development of behaviour support plans and interventions.