Corrective Service NSW (CSNSW)


Initial Transitional Services (ITS)


arbias Initial Transition Support (ITS) services in partnership the Australian Community Service Organisation (ACSO) to people who have high complex needs post release from prison and state-wide across NSW.

The service is funded by Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) and whilst arbias is the lead agency the services will be implemented and delivered in true partnership by supporting each other through training and secondary consultancy in the respective areas of expertise, arbias Acquired Brain Injury, Intellectual Disability and Alcohol and other Drug issues and ACSO Mental Health and  Alcohol and other Drug issues and Intellectual Disability.

The service will be delivered across ten sites:

arbias                                                                            ACSO

o   Bathurst                                                             Campbelltown

o   Kempsey                                                             Dubbo

o   Lismore                                                               Wollongong

o   Mt Druitt                                                            Wagga Wagga

o   Parramatta

o   Wyong


The direct support is provided by a Case Worker at each site in collaboration with a Corrective Service (NSW) Case Manager. Case Workers are supported by the arbias State Manager  Corrective Services Rebekah Loukas (arbias)



The On TRACC Program is a Government partnerships with ACSO/arbias. On TRACC provides additional support services to complement the case management of community based offenders. The Measurement of the performance of ACSO/arbias is the same as CSNSW-reducing reoffending.


 Some Facts on OnTRACC


  • 50 inmates who are assessed as medium[1], medium-high and high risk are randomly selected by BOCSAR to On Tracc per month.

  • The service work in collaboration with Community Corrections (Parole Unit pre-release and ComCorr office post release), to support services to assist reintegration. It is important that interventions are aligned and not duplicated.

  • Community Corrections work collaboratively with the funded service providers, including exchange of information relevant to the offender's involvement in On TRACC.

What is the referral criteria?

  1. 50 Inmates who are going to reside in the Sydney Metro area are randomly selected four week prior to release from custody
  2. These inmates will be subject to parole supervision (either SPA or court based) by CSNSW Community Corrections.
  3. Medium, medium-high or high risk of offending according to the LSI-R.

Where is OnTRACC available?

Inmates from any Correctional Centre in NSW may be randomly allocated to OnTRACC, as long as they will be residing within the Sydney Metropolitan post release. These ComCorr locations include:


Burwood                        Hurstville


City                              Liverpool


Dee Why                       Blacktown


Hornsby                        Mount Druitt


Leichhardt*                    Parramatta*


Bankstown                    Sutherland


Campbelltown*               Penrith


Fairfield                         Windsor


[1] Medium for ITS locations only

* Only Medium risk parolees supervised from these locations will be allocated