Clinical Psychology and Behavioural Support

The arbias clinical psychology and behavioural Support service provides assessment and intervention in order to enable the understanding of cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning following ABI, to convey that understanding to clients and their support networks, and to impart the best practice skills and tools available to improve clients’ functioning where these clinical issues are problematic.

When working with clients of arbias, a clinical psychologist works within the multidisciplinary team, addressing the following, more specific areas:

  • Assessment of, and intervention for behaviours of concern.
  • Cognitive-Behavioural assessment of, and intervention for emotional disorders (e.g. anxiety and depression).
  • Assisting clients to adjust to their ABI and its impacts in order to set goals to enable them to participate in their community.
  • Education for clients, families, and carers regarding the outcomes of the ABI, and how best to support and respond to an individual’s needs.
  • Teaching clients, families and carers skills to enhance management and remediation of ABI issues, based on psychological principles.