Community Facilitation

arbias community facilitation services provide person-centred and family sensitive supports focusing on empowerment and self-determination through assessment, planning, linkage, advocacy, coordination and monitoring activities and crisis intervention.

arbias community facilitation services provide the appropriate level of intervention necessary to enhance life style and to empower the individual and their family in accessing and utilising available community resources. In addition arbias case management services aim to achieve maximum levels of functioning potential and increased social connectedness based on the person’s needs.

arbias Community Facilitation Services

  • Support and develop compensatory strategies
  • Provide linkages to primary health care and other community services as needed
  • Enhance quality of life through skills training related to problem solving, seeking healthy recreational activities, and in development of meaningful relationships with family and friends

Community Facilitation

+ Medium to long-term community facilitation intervention

Medium to long-term community facilitation intervention can vary dependant on assessment, individual treatment planning, implementation, coordination, advocacy, monitoring and evaluating options and services to meet a client’s needs.

+ Monitoring Response

The monitoring component of community facilitation services includes less intensive involvement with individuals diagnosed with ABI & AOD including planning the client’s exit from community facilitation services.

Accessing arbias Community Facilitation Services

There is a specific ABI diagnostic criteria requirement for admission into arbias community facilitation services. The majority of people who may benefit from this level of support will have major cognitive impairments, substance dependency and psychiatric illness all with functional deficits.

People with acquired brain injury may contact the community facilitation service by calling arbias on: (03) 8388-1222 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Our staff can discuss your needs and provide a referral form. You may choose to self refer or have someone refer on your behalf.

Service priority is given to people who are:

  • Socially and geographically isolated
  • Lack appropriate support structures
  • Financially disadvantaged
  • Experiencing cultural barriers
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders


Community facilitation services can be accessed if you are eligible for non-compensable or compensable services. There are fees associated with access to community facilitation compensable service and fees are based on a means test and are typically funded through Individualised Support Packages (ISPs), brokerage funds and funds held in court or by financial administrators. Please contact our offices to discuss your referral on: (03)8388 1222 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.