arbias Service User Advisory  Council

2010 saw the formation of the arbias Service User Advisory Council. The advisory council is a group of like-minded people with an ABI, family members and allied service providers & stakeholders from the justice, alcohol & other drug services, the Victorian Aboriginal/Koori community, the affordable housing sector, guardianship & advocacy and the arbias board and senior management team who share a passion and vision for improving service access and quality of service to people with an ABI in the community.

arbias appreciates the thoughts, time and dedication of these inaugural members:

  • Mr. John “Max” MacCaffrey
  • Mr  Brent Alford
  • Mr. Ron “Lakes” Briggs, Aboriginal/Koori representative, ASK
  • Ms. Melanie Muir, Leadership Plus
  • Ms  Shelia Narayan, Guardianship representative, Office of the Public Advocate
  • Mr  Tim Giles, ACSO
  • Ms Jo Wilson, Director operation National-arbias